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Porsche again targeted by German prosecutor

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Porsche again targeted by German prosecutor

According to the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the German manufacturer's premises were the target of yet another raid by researchers at the service of the German prosecutor. In addition to three office buildings, the researchers also burst into three private apartments of former employees who, according to the German publication, may be involved in handling pollutant emissions.

At the behest of the German prosecutor, its technicians extended the investigation to seven former Porsche employees, three more former employees of the company than hitherto, as stated by Automotive news Europe.

It should be recalled that Volkswagen and Audi have already been punished for the commercialization of engines with the software to manipulate the measurement of harmful emissions, with the researchers continuing to search for evidence that also those responsible for Porsche would be involved in the fraud, since they used the same mechanics.

In view of the news released by Der Spiegel and Automotive news Europe, Porsche officials chose not to comment. It should be noted that, in May 2019, the Porsche was forced by the German prosecutor to pay 535 million euros “For lapses in their supervisory duty, which led to the sale of vehicles equipped with engines equipped with systems that aimed to deceive the measuring equipment”, polluting more than the legal limits.


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