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Portuguese startup Landing.Jobs raises 2 million euros in investment

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Portuguese startup Landing.Jobs raises 2 million euros in investment

Landing.Jobs, a Portuguese startup that manages an online recruitment platform for the information technology sector, raised two million euros in a series A (the first major investment round). Behind this bet is the Portuguese group LC Ventures and the German investor Jacobo UG Investment.

This amount led the company to exit Portugal Ventures, which, in 2015, had invested 750 thousand euros with LC Ventures in the project. Now, Landing.Jobs looks at geographic expansion and a greater focus on a topic that has been on the agenda because of the new strain of coronavirus, “remote work” (working without having to be in the workplace) ).

To the Observer, Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of Landing.Jobs, assumes that “this series should have been earlier”. However, as “the international expansion plan was completely changed because of Brexit (the company was trying to expand in the UK)” in 2016, it did not happen. It was a “learning moment”, he says. Now, with this amount, the person in charge of the startup – together with José Paiva, who is the executive president of the company -, affirms that the objective is to bet on growth that “supports the geographic expansion”. Where? “The interior of the country”, like “in Fundão”, and coastal cities like “Peniche, Sagres and Setúbal”.

To celebrate this investment, the company will officially open this Thursday the new offices in Lisbon, at Rua Braamcamp, n9. Pedro Oliveira recalls that this was the same place from which the first carnations emerged in the revolution of April 25, 1974. The story of “Celeste dos Cravos” (Celeste Martins Caeiro), the woman who gave the first carnations to the military on the day of the Revolution, “it started here”, says Pedro. And he continues: “I like to believe that it is not a mere coincidence”.

The revolutions leaving Landing.jobs to the world do not stop here (in the new offices). Technology will revolutionize the way we work. And Landing.Jobs will be the instrument to revolutionize thousands of careers and futures ”, promises Pedro Oliveira.

In addition to betting on Portugal, which will be “based in Lisbon and Porto”, the company wants to continue to “expand to other countries”, an ambition that has been mentioned since 2019. In Europe, Pedro Oliveira says that the goal is to continue to working with companies, and people who want to work with them in “Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland”. In this bet beyond borders, Pedro Oliveira also mentions that Landing.Jobs wants to expand to the USA and Canada. All of this “also connecting to the interior (of Portugal)”. With the services that the startup provides “a Boston company can invest in Lisbon, Porto, or Tomar too”, says Pedro Oliveira.

With the expansion, Landing.Jobs also wants to “ensure the role of Portugal as a tech center in Europe and one of the worldwide centers of Remote Working (remote work)”. Since 2014, the startup has already helped to establish “dozens” of remote work teams for companies like Sky, Daimler and Volkswagen “and intends to continue to do so by attracting international professionals to work from Portugal”, says Landing. Jobs.

Currently, the company is working in “several partnerships” to facilitate forms of remote work. However, as Pedro Oliveira says, there is also another ambition for Landing.Jobs: "Helping companies a lot more in retention, not only in recruitment". This, while expanding “the range of offers”.

We are not going to solve the future of work, but I hope that we can contribute very positively and with more freedom for the individual ”, says Pedro Oliveira.

With a closed A series, Pedro Oliveira already looks at a B series, but does not say when. The team, which now has 52 people, is expected to grow to 60 by the end of the year. “We don't believe in hiring people madly. We believe in productivity and prefer to do things more calmly ”, he says.

The technological and career conference that Landing.Jobs created, the Landing Festival, changed its name to “Future.Works”. “It no longer makes sense to be a job fair,” says Pedro Oliveira. “We had to change the concept”, he continues, stating that the objective of these conferences is to be “Web Summit style, but focused on content”. The event will aim to “talk about how (companies) have adapted to increasingly dynamic processes, projects and environments, where the only certainty is the fast pace of change. And how this meets the tendency for people to seek a better quality of life, with increasingly flexible working hours and places ”.

For now, the presence of Sky, Daimler and Volkswagen, customers of Landing.Jobs, is confirmed. The “Future.Works Lisbon Tech Conference 2020” takes place from 29 to 30 May. In 2019, Landing.Festival had more than 1,500 participants.

Landing.Jobs was created by José Paiva and Pedro Oliveira in 2014. Currently, the startup manages an online recruitment platform for the information technology sector with the same name, and Landing.Works, a project also focused on professionals from technology, but in a different aspect: it aims to facilitate direct interaction between contractors (people who have their own entity and work with only one client, full time and for a few months or more than a year, differently from a freelancer) and companies .


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