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Portuguese startups bet on teleworking to prevent the spread of …

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Portuguese startups bet on teleworking to prevent the spread of ...

There are already several companies with teleworking employees and, as of Monday, the Civil Service has an order to do the same. Everything to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This Friday morning, the unicorn (a company valued at more than $ 1 billion) OutSystems announced that it has implemented remote work to all 1,100 employees around the world. Travel will be restricted to the essentials.

Currently, the company led by Paulo Rosado operates on six continents, with offices in 11 countries, including the United States, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

It was not the only company. “In the context of the current pandemic caused by the Covid-19 disease, and in order to contribute to minimizing its impacts, we decided to activate the remote work mode in our teams. We are a group of 25 companies that raised around 55 million euros in investment and currently have more than 500 people in remote work ”, reads the statement that this group of companies sent to the Observer.

“By adopting preventive measures, we intend to make our contribution towards controlling the exponential growth in the number of infected people, which could endanger the lives and well-being of the teams, their families and the community in general. In this context, we will continue to satisfy our customers, motivate our teams, and boost the economy ”, reads.

Startups are calling on other companies to do the same, benefiting from good technology practices and from all the infrastructures that are now accessible to everyone, allowing them to continue working from home. The companies that joined this plan are 3Decide, Abyssal, B-Parts, Bright Technologies, Climber, Codavel, Didimo, Dott.pt, GoParity, HUB, HypeLabs, Infraspeak, ISSHO, Jscrambler, Jumpseller, Last2Ticket, LOQR, Nuada, Platform, TAIKAI, Tonic App, Velocidi, Wisecrop, XHOCKWARE, Zappy.

Entrepreneurs leave some links that can help to deal with teleworking: “How Doist works remote“; "Resources for companies embracing remote work“; "Coronavirus and other crises that force people to reinvent themselves“; "Coronavirus: Why you must act now“.

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