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Royal family responds to “inaccuracies and false statements” in an article about Kate …

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Royal family responds to “inaccuracies and false statements” in an article about Kate ...

“Catarina, a Grande” was the title chosen for the cover of the July / August issue of Tatler magazine. On the cover, a Kate Middleton in close up climbs steps lined with red tapestry, William follows behind. It is also in this edition that the Duchess of Cambridge is said to be "furious with overwork", following the departure, for the USA, of Harry and Meghan Markle, and "working both as a top CEO". The statements came from an anonymous source – which is not uncommon in this type of story – but this one in particular will have justified an answer from Kensington Palace.

Meghan, the tights of discord and the exhausted Kate, who has worked as much as “a top CEO”

Shortly after Tatler dedicated the cover to Kate Middleton, Kensington issued an official response that calls into question the veracity of the article signed by Anna Pasternak, claiming that the story reports “a series of inaccuracies and false statements” that were not previously confirmed with the palace – it is not, however, specified what is actually wrong in the article. This is an argument that the publication itself refuses.

To Entertainment Tonight, a spokesman for what is considered the bible of social on British soil stated that the British royal family had known "for months" that the piece in question was going to come out and that even their collaboration was requested. "The fact that they deny that they ever knew is categorically false."

Now more than ever, the country is looking to Kate https://t.co/hVL2FSmxGe

– Tatler (@Tatlermagazine) May 26, 2020

But the idea that Kate Middleton is tired – "exhausted" even – of hard work is not the only sensitive topic in the article. The troubled relationship between her and Meghan Markle is also referred to, in particular an episode that refers to the Sussex wedding in May 2018, when there was an argument as to whether or not the bridesmaids should wear tights. Kate, wanting to follow the protocol, thought so. Meghan was of the opposite opinion and, judging from the photographs of that day, it was her verdict that won.

The Tatler edition hit newsstands this Thursday, May 28th, whose cover article also addresses the relationship of loyalty with the queen and Kate's levels of worship with the public, although not identical to those of Princess Diana.


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