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Ryanair considers that the union's complaints "are false"

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Ryanair considers that the union's complaints "are false"

The low cost airline Ryanair considered, on Thursday, that the complaints, about threats of salary cuts and dismissals, made by the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel "are false", adding that it presented "sensible and reasonable proposals" .

“The complaints made by the National Civil Aviation Flight Personnel Union (SNPVAC) regarding the salaries of Ryanair teams are false. Ryanair's crews in Portugal receive up to 40,000 euros per year, which far exceeds the values ​​practiced in the local market ”, explained in a statement released on Thursday night, the airline.

Low cost Ryanair added that it presented "reasonable and reasonable proposals" to the union and expects the commitment of this structure to "mitigate redundancies in the crews in Portugal".

The SNPVAC on Thursday denounced threats of “maladjusted” wage cuts and redundancies to workers at low-cost airline Ryanair, “taking advantage” of the pandemic, and called for state intervention.

"The Irish company is clearly taking advantage of the whole situation of the coronavirus pandemic at the expense of its employees, namely cabin crew," says the union, in a statement released Thursday, accusing Ryanair of implementing a "policy of fear ”with its cabin crew threatening redundancies and the non-payment of March salaries.

The union has already requested a hearing from parliamentary groups, the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security and the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing to expose this situation.

“Considering that the moment is delicate and that a quick intervention is necessary, complaints have already been made to ACT – Authority for Working Conditions -, realizing that the Irish company has not yet paid the flight hours for the month of March and Social Security, ”he adds in the statement.

According to SNPVAC, several European unions representing Ryanair workers had warned the company that they were only going to discuss the resumption of activity – interrupted because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus that led many countries to decree the withdrawal of populations, thus prevented from flying – after a written proposal was sent “with objective data”, and it is in this company proposal that threats of “unsuitable salary cuts and even redundancies” emerged.

The union says it has already responded to Ryanair about this proposal, reminding the company that it will “never negotiate” redundancies or salary cuts, refuting “all its demagogy” and “demystifying” the proposed 10% salary cuts, which it says actually be around 30%.


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