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See how Camping land rover defender is a luxury

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See how Camping land rover defender is a luxury

Camping is increasingly an option for those who want a few days of rest, for a price that is not prohibitive. As a result, more and more companies are presenting solutions aimed at those who want not only to camp, but also to set up the tent where it suits them (and is allowed). For a similar purpose, there are traditional campervans, but more radical proposals are beginning to emerge, taking advantage of the off-road skills of certain models. Land Rover is the latest example, in a partnership with Autohome that basically designed a tent to set up on the roof of the new Defender 110.2

Defender already has prices, but you will not like …

The idea is not new, but surprises by the price: 3760 €. The cost of this proposal, which can purchase online, supposes ease of assembly and disassembly, durability and, as importantly as this, conditions for the overnight stay of two adults. The limit is that, together, campers can not weigh more than 300 kg, because they will settle on the roof, with their own LED lighting system and the right mattress and three pillows, so that sleep is even temperor. And there is no question of someone sleeping with their feet outside, because the tent designed by the Italians is 2.3 meters long and a width of 1.3 m. Awakening, this yes, will require more care in the morning maneuvers, since the height limit points to 1.5 meters.

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According to the manufacturer, the tent tailored to the Land Rover Defender is made of fiberglass, material that gives it thermal insulation and resistance, being soft and pleasant to the touch. The “house” on the roof is based on a “sandwich” base, with 20 mm insulation, is easily collected and, once tidy, does not take up much space.

When it comes time to reassemble it, the process is simple, fast and automatic, thanks to two gas springs, which allows you to perform the operation in seconds. Accessing the top requires climbing the steps of an aluminum ladder which, when not needed, can be arranged inside the tent itself.

Camping is simple: Jeep sets up tent with Hertz

It is recalled that the Jeep Renegade and Compass also have such a solution, in an association between the North American brand and Hertz which, through the Campers service, allows you to rent one of the SUVs and choose between two models of tents.


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