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See how the Audi e-tron S can be fun

by ace
See how the Audi e-tron S can be fun

The e-tron is a well-built SUV capable of pleasing customers who already consume Audi's high-end vehicles, but with two electric motors, one for each axle, powered by a 95 kWh battery. Available with a more conventional and bulky body, but also in a Sportback version, with a certain air of a coupé SUV, the e-tron is mainly aimed at satisfying rational customers, with little use for sportier use. For all the others, here comes a version with more race.

We have already talked about the e-tron S, the sportiest of the family. What we didn't know was how far the manufacturer's ambition went, in order to please drivers who want to have fun behind the wheel. The e-tron S, be it normal or Sportback, stands out above all for mounting an electric motor on the front axle, but two (instead of one) engines on the rear, which allows the rear wheels to be driven separately .

This solution allows to act on each of the wheels to stabilize the vehicle, through the vectorization of the torque, fighting against the tendency for the model to flee from the front, in some conditions, or to flee from the rear, in others. But, with other software, the e-tron S is able to “release” the rear, if that is the driver's will, in order to allow the design of controlled slides and “crossings”.

As this is a type of attitude that is not normally found in vehicles of this size and weight, Audi felt the need to show that it was really serious when it announced that the e-tron S could drift. Go from there, he added the images to the words and produced a video so that there is no doubt.


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