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Short film about Cyclone Idai will portray stories of overcoming

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Short film about Cyclone Idai will portray stories of overcoming

A short film by Mozambican director Yara Costa will portray coexistence beyond Cyclone Idai and stories of overcoming people who saw entire villages engulfed by floods in central Mozambique.

"Dombe is a place of stories, everyone knows how to tell stories and very well," she told Lusa Yara Costa, who was inspired after "feeling" the place and being "enchanted" with her experiences, which became a "prize" ”To the director.

Dombe, in the province of Manica, was one of the areas affected by the cyclone in March 2019 and the shooting of the short film takes place a year later.

“Inevitably, Idai marks this story a lot. Idai is going to be part of people's lives, it is unavoidable ”, emphasizes the filmmaker who wants to tell the lives of people in a remote village in Mozambique who entered the world map after severe destruction.

Filming began in February and the premiere is scheduled for the city of Chimoio, the capital of Manica, and the film was later shown on giant screens in the villages where the filming took place in Dombe.

“Trying to understand the person involves listening to him, but also being with him in silence, also listening to this silence, listening to the things that are not said”, explains the director, who trod the villages that try to get up.

The director wants to make the short film “aimed at the people” who participated in it, so that “they can look at themselves from another perspective”, in a village where there is no television.

“We are natural storytellers, we don't have to go to Hollywood all the time to look for stories. Yes, they have their stories, but here we have incredible stories, more incredible than any action movie, ”he said, insisting that he wants to be the vehicle of local stories for the world and also encourage community cinema.

The director has on her list of productions a feature film and two short films, including “Why Here”, which mirrors Chinese immigration to Africa and “Travessia” that tells the story of a boy from Haiti, who smuggles across the border to study in a neighboring country after a tsunami in your country.

Her most recent documentary, from 2019, “Between me and God”, portrays the radicalization, in Islam, of a young engineer on the island of Mozambique, while an armed insurgency in the north of the country emerges.

The production of the short film has the support of Helpo, a Portuguese humanitarian organization that has been involved in the nutritional area in Dombe since Cyclone Idai hit the village.

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