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Students and teachers held at Escola Portuguesa de Díli due to storm

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Students and teachers held at Escola Portuguesa de Díli due to storm

Hundreds of students from the Portuguese School of Dili were forced to go up to the first floor of the main building due to a strong stream of water from the nearby stream that overflowed due to the torrential rain that is felt in the area.

We are all on the top floor of the school because on the bottom floor the water is above the waist and continues to run hard, ”one of the school's teachers told Lusa. “This is very bad”, he explained, referring that students and teachers of several years, since pre-school, are in the place.

The Bidau stream, close to the school, overflowed the banks, with a strong current dragging mud and stones through the front gate, towards the Santa Cruz cemetery. A heavy rain caused floods in various parts of the city of Dili in the late afternoon, with several streams overflowing and affecting houses and small businesses. “The situation is very serious in several parts of the city. A situation that is difficult to answer now because it continues to rain a lot ”, a resident told Lusa.

In the case of Ribeira de Bidau, on the east side of the city, the force of the waters will have, according to witnesses heard by Lusa, knocked off part of a bridge which is blocking the course of the water that runs with great force from the mountains. “Everything is flooded. The stream jumped the banks and drags a lot of water very hard, ”said a resident to Lusa.

A civil protection source told Lusa that there are problems in various parts of the city, with water flooding buildings, houses and turning some streets into real rivers.

Social media is filling up with photographs and videos that show the damage that is being caused by the rain. The strong currents of water are causing chaos in the traffic of Dili, making access to the most affected areas difficult.

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