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Taiwan guarantees “necessary assistance” to the people of Hong Kong

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Taiwan guarantees “necessary assistance” to the people of Hong Kong

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has assured that she will give Hong Kong “necessary assistance” in the face of protests against the new national security laws that Beijing wants to impose and the growing asylum requests that come to Taiwan from citizens of Hong Kong, according to advances this Monday to Reuters.

The Taiwanese government showed total solidarity with the people of Hong Kong, saying the proposed legislation is a serious threat to the country's freedom and judicial independence. During a protest on Sunday, Hong Kong police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse pro-democracy protesters. The Taiwanese president stressed, according to Reuters, that "bullets and repression" are not the way to deal with the Hong Kong people's aspirations for freedom and democracy.

In the face of changing circumstances, the international community has proactively extended a helping hand to the people of Hong Kong, ”wrote Tsai Ing-wen.

According to Reuters, Taiwan's main opposition party, the Kuomintang, accuses the president's promises of bills to grant political asylum to Hong Kong citizens of being "just a slogan of empty promises". China also accused Taiwan independence supporters of conspiring with Hong Kong protesters.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at hundreds of protesters


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