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"The Office" in space? Steve Carell's new series premieres on Netflix on the 29th

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"The Office" in space? Steve Carell's new series premieres on Netflix on the 29th

After returning to the series last year but in a serious tone, with “The Morning Show“From Apple TV +, behold, in 2020, nine years after saying goodbye to“ The Office ”, Steve Carell finally returns to comedy on the small screen – and again with Greg Daniels, creator of Dunder Mifflin, whom he joined to write “Space Force“.

The series, due to premiere on May 29, is being announced by Netflix as “another irreverent comedy in the workplace”. Instead of selling paper, this time Steve Carell will have a little more power and command a new branch of the United States armed forces: the Space Force.

The idea for the series may even have come after Donald Trump have announced the creation of a new militarized force in the country – no less than the Space Force – but the similarities with reality are likely to end there (it does not appear that the leader of the original space force ever inadvertently launched a launch with his feet) .

Or not: John Malkovich, who highlights a cast that also includes Lisa Kudrow, Noah Emmerich, Tawny Newsome and Fred Willard, who died last week, plays a renowned scientist whose nominations Carell constantly ignores – does it ring any bell?

“There was no series. There was no idea. It was not based on anything, except the name that made everyone laugh ”, guaranteed in an promotional video the actor, who during his“ serious ”phase was nominated for the Oscar for best actor, in 2014, for Foxcatcher. “I play Mark Naird, a general in charge of creating the Space Force. He brings the family to a base in Colorado, and there is a lot of friction. He is a man under a lot of stress ”, he said in the same video.

"The first week I knew we were going to get along really well, because he kept laughing because of a joke with a fart," said Carell of his relationship with the acclaimed John Malkovich. “I thought:‘ John Malkovich is crying with a joke about a fart. This is going to be perfect! ’.”

The ten episodes of the first season of Space Force will be available on Netflix next Friday, the 29th.


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