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The sporty GR Yaris is good, but not cheap

by ace
The sporty GR Yaris is good, but not cheap

Toyota “lost its mind” when designing the GR Yaris, a sports car in the B segment, that is, competing with models such as the Clio RS, 208 GTi, Polo GTI or Fiesta ST, which is assumed to be the most sophisticated and aggressive in the market . Now prices have been advanced for the different European countries, as well as the opening of the pre-order period.

In most countries, pre-reservations are open and available through a specific website, where potential interested parties can satisfy their curiosity and place an order.

According to what the Observer was able to ascertain, the Portuguese situation is slightly delayed, due to difficulties with the system, with the guarantee that it will be online before the end of the month. This is for vehicles that are expected to be delivered in late 2020.

If this is the good news, the value for which Toyota intends to market the sports car is something to provoke some bitterness. The estimated price – as the European approval that allows to calculate the CO2 emitted, on which some of the national taxes depend – is still pending – points to a value slightly below € 50,000. In other words, it is more expensive than some potential competitors, either because they belong to the same segment, or because they resort to similar mechanical complexity, even if with higher dimensions.

The last Clio RS Trophy, with 220 hp, was proposed for 33 thousand euros, although it can be pointed out to the French sportsman that it is less powerful and does not have all-wheel drive. The Mégane RS and Honda Civic Type R, with 300 and 320 hp, respectively, were both offered for less than 50 thousand euros. And if we compare the Japanese sports car with the Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 DSG 4Drive, it is equipped with a more powerful engine, a more sophisticated box, a similar 4 × 4 system and with more generous dimensions. The last price of the Seat sports car, in the shape of a van, was 55 thousand euros …

Although it is not very cheap, what matters – for potential buyers – is that the GR Yaris promises strong emotions, in a small, powerful sport and from which it is expected to derive great driving pleasure, especially at above normal rhythms.


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