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There will be no BMW iX3 electric for the USA

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There will be no BMW iX3 electric for the USA

The need to comply with the limits imposed by Brussels, with regard to the average emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), has led manufacturers to concentrate sales of electric vehicles on the European market. With a reduced production capacity – not due to the vehicle, which is an X3 with the same platform as the other versions with a combustion engine, but because it is only made in China and intended primarily for the local market – BMW had to make difficult choices and chose to try to avoid fines … in Europe.

This iX3 will debut, according to BMW, the 5th generation of the brand's electric motors, which the Germans claim to guarantee more autonomy for managing to reduce consumption. Still, BMW said the SUV will mount a 74 kWh battery – similar to VW's ID.3 and Tesla Model Y -, which announces a 440 km range in WLTP. This gives the German model a consumption of around 17 kWh / 100 km.

The batteries are prismatic and apparently manufactured by a supplier of accumulators that BMW does not disclose, saying only that they are produced according to the chemistry that BMW developed in its Competence Center for e-drive. According to information released by the Munich brand, the most recent chemical solution for the Germans is NMC 811, which is quite common these days, with cathodes made up of 80% nickel, 10% manganese and 10% cobalt.

For American drivers, the non-introduction of the iX3 in their market is the second bad news in a few months, because before BMW announced the non-commercialization of the electric SUV in the USA in order to favor the European market, Mercedes had proceeded from the same way with the EQC. And for the same reasons, because it also needs all the electric vehicles it can sell to reduce the average CO2 in the range.

The iX3 will soon be manufactured in China, through the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive, in Shenyang, from where it will be exported to all markets. Deliveries in the Old Continent will start more towards the end of the year, with the brand estimating a price around 70,000 €.


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