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Trams have a 30% discount on motorways

by ace
Trams have a 30% discount on motorways

At the moment, the 30% toll discounts granted to users of electric vehicles, which will come into force on 15 June, cover only the A35 and A58, two of the motorways serving Milan.

The Italian Government has negotiated with local dealers measures similar to those that already exist in countries like the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden, which promote a reduction in costs for less polluting models. The 30% reduction will be cumulative in relation to other 20% discounts already in force, promoted by Telepass, aimed at families and companies.

The motorways in question, known in the transalpine country as BreBeMi (A35), for connecting Brecia, Bergamo and Milan, and Teem (A58), the External Tangential of Milan, constitute one of the main access routes to Milan, the capital of fashion. The move comes at a time when the Italian automotive industry is also starting to offer battery-powered electric vehicles, for now the Fiat 500 and, soon, the Fiat Panda.


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