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Trump promises “very interesting” measures on controversy over Hong's autonomy …

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Trump promises “very interesting” measures on controversy over Hong's autonomy ...

The President of the United States said on Tuesday that he would announce "very interesting" measures by the end of the week to respond to China's controversial diploma that aims to circumvent the autonomy of Hong Kong's special administrative region.

"We are preparing something," replied the US head of state, quoted by the France-Presse agency, when asked about the possibility of sanctions against Beijing for this document, during a press conference at the White House.

Trump considered the measures that Washington is preparing to be "very interesting", but left for the end of the week the implementation of this plan, which will be disclosed in a "very powerful way".

The Chinese Parliament last week presented a diploma on "national security" for Hong Kong, a former British colony with semi-autonomy status, agreed upon when the territory was returned to China in 1997.

The legislation signals China's central government's determination to take greater control over Hong Kong after nearly a year of protests for democracy, often marked by clashes between protesters and the police.

Thousands of protesters returned to the streets of Hong Kong to oppose the legislation last Sunday, engaging in clashes with the police, who fired tear gas and used a water cannon to disperse the crowd.

This Tuesday, the Hong Kong leader assured that the bill does not threaten civil rights in the region, but critics have denounced the document's dangers to freedom of expression and assembly.

Carrie Lam told reporters “there is no need” for the people of Hong Kong to worry about the proposed law, which is expected to pass on Thursday, at the close of the plenary session of the National People's Assembly.

"Hong Kong has proven that it defends and preserves these values," he said. "Hong Kong needs this legislation for the good of the vast majority of its population," he added.

The 1984 Sino-British Declaration, which served to awaken Hong Kong's retrocession from the United Kingdom to China in 1997, established the continuation, for 50 years, from the date of transfer, of a series of freedoms that did not exist in China. continental.

The law that the Beijing parliament now wants to pass prohibits “any act of treason, separation, rebellion, subversion against the Central People's government, theft of state secrets, the organization of activities in Hong Kong by foreign political organizations and the establishment ties with foreign political organizations by Hong Kong political organizations ”.

The White House had already threatened to withdraw Washington's preferential commercial status to Hong Kong.

Several American media outlets report that the Trump administration intends to impose new sanctions against authorities and companies in the special administrative region that will be involved in this withdrawal process.

This position is also supported by several American senators.

Republican Donald Trump also warned that Hong Kong risks losing its role as an "international financial capital" if Beijing "takes control" of the territory.

Washington's position could further worsen diplomatic relations with China, which have deteriorated after Trump's accusations that the Asian country created SARS-CoV-2, responsible for the current pandemic.


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