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US Ambassador to Berlin resigns

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US Ambassador to Berlin resigns

US Ambassador to Berlin Richard Grenell, a believer in President Donald Trump who has caused a lot of tensions in Germany with his criticisms of the government, resigned his post, the embassy spokesman said on Tuesday.

"Ambassador Grenell resigned on June 1," said embassy spokesman Joseph Giordono-Scholz, adding that the diplomat will be replaced by number two, Robin Quiville, until a replacement is appointed.

Richard Grenell remains President Donald Trump's special envoy in the Serbia-Kosovo talks, he said.

The former United States representative at the United Nations is 53 years old and has served as ambassador to Germany since April 2018.

In February, the President of the United States entrusted him with the interim direction of the American intelligence agency, but Grenell expelled several employees for considering their loyalty to Trump questionable.

Grenell also decided to carry out reorganizations without previously informing Congress, as he should, which meant that he was not confirmed in that position.

As soon as he arrived in Germany, the ambassador stood out for his positions, which were mainly disseminated through the social network Twitter, which he uses as often as President Trump.

In addition to threatening the German government and companies with sanctions in several areas, he criticized what he considered to be inadequate German military spending, German participation in the construction of the Russian Nord Stream2 pipeline and the integration of Chinese Huawei equipment in the development of the future 5G.

Some German deputies from the left-wing Die Linke party even demanded a parliamentary debate on the possible resignation of this ambassador, accused of interfering in German internal affairs.


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