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Volunteer movement launches ‘app’ to combat youth isolation

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The Transformers Movement, a national voluntary movement, launched a mobile application that, through daily challenges, aims to stimulate interaction, “humanize the online” and help combat the youth isolation caused by Covid-19, revealed this Thursday the responsible.

We launched the challenge to our groups of apprentices to identify the social problem that was most affecting them in this pandemic and that is how the issue of social isolation arose, ”said Inês Alexandre, speaking to Lusa.

In order to “combat” the youth isolation caused by Covid-19, the approximately 50 volunteer mentors and 600 apprentices from the national movement decided to “do something big” and create the Payback Challenge application.

The app is based on daily challenges, such as inviting a friend for a walk or watching a series with a friend by video call, the application, which is free, has been available since Wednesday for Android operating systems and on the website movement.

The idea is to have one challenge a day during the 31 days of July. Therefore, the idea is that children and young people, between 12 and 17 years old, share a moment with a friend or family member, without getting involved in gatherings ”, explained Inês Alexandre.

The person in charge of the Transformers Movement, which is based in Porto, but is present in 22 Portuguese municipalities, believes that this application can help “humanize contact in the isolation phase to the maximum, something that does not happen on social networks or other applications”.

This application brings that connection, in which in all challenges young people have to challenge at least one person. In social networks there is no such interaction, so the idea is also to start raising awareness for online platforms, but with as much interaction as possible ”, he said.

To Lusa, Inês Alexandre said that the future of the application will depend on “how everything goes in the month of July”, even if it has the capacity for more challenges, be of recurring use and even address specific themes.

The application is ready to launch more challenges. We will be in the testing phase until the 15th of July and then, it will depend on the feedback we have ”, he said, adding that since the launch the application has 93 active users and 140 downloads.

The Transformers Movement, a national volunteer movement, develops its activity, essentially, with children and young people at risk, and, weekly, its volunteers give classes related to different areas, such as cooking, football, rowing, surfing, theater and photography.


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