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Volvo placed 4 trucks on top of each other

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Volvo placed 4 trucks on top of each other

Volvo Trucks, a company that has nothing to do with Volvo Cars, is preparing to launch four new truck models. To draw attention, the Swedish truck manufacturer decided to produce a video ad, in which it placed the four trucks on top of each other.

Dubbed The Tower, the advertising film led the brand to create a tower 15 meters high and 58 tons in weight. This is because in the ad Volvo claims that it is presenting four new models capable of charging each other.

But the tower does not live by trucks alone. Not content with the skill, which has a lot of balance, the Swedes also took the trouble to reserve a surprise for anyone who sees the video. Thus it is explained that on top of Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX, Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm appears.

The four new trucks by the Nordic manufacturer represent 66% of the brand's sales volume, which justifies the effort with which the moment was recorded. In the midst of a lot of smoke, lights and special effects, there are the four heavy vehicles to the sound of Vangelis' Conquest of Paradise. And if you think that everything is fiction, that the trucks were never piled up and that the President never risked his life when he climbed to the top of the tower, with it in motion, see here how everything was filmed.


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