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Web Summit postponed to December, conferences will be recorded in studios and…

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Web Summit postponed to December, conferences will be recorded in studios and...

The Web Summit organization issued a statement in which it clarifies that the conference will take place from December 2 to 4 and will feature an online and an offline art. So far what is Europe’s largest entrepreneurship and technology conference has taken place in the first week of November. Last week, Paddy Cosgrave said on Twitter that the Web Summit was going to take place in Lisbon, but as the Observer reported, it did not reveal the ways in which the 2020 edition would take place.

“Contrary to speculation, Web Summit will move forward —online and offline December 2-4, 2020. It will have up to 100,000 entrepreneurs, speakers and partners in the online platform of which it owns”, explains the organization in the statement.

Paddy Cosgrave: “The Web Summit will take place in Lisbon this year”

Collision From Home, the exclusively online version of Collision, a sister event of the Web Summit that traditionally takes place in Toronto, Canada, has been taking place on Tuesday. In the statement, the organization explains that this will be the second event of the company to be assured by this platform, which is currently counting on participants from 140 countries to watch collision from home.

“The online Web Summit edition will have a significant focus on helping accelerate Portugal’s economic recovery by working together with the Portuguese authorities to promote the country’s main objectives and messages to the right participants,” the statement reads.

Sister event of Web Summit kicked off online, but Paddy wants Collision live as early as 2021

The organization also explains that the conferences will be broadcast online from a studio at the Altice Arena, as well as from other studios placed in different cities in the country. “For the first time, there will be a channel exclusively dedicated to Portugal. For three days, the leaders of hundreds of Portuguese startups as well as large companies will be interviewed, while universities and other research institutions will also participate,” the same statement added. In addition, this channel will also promote Portuguese culture and art.

Paddy Cosgrave also explains that the format of the Web Summit in Lisbon should not be decided until early October, “By that time, whatever decision is made on the format of the Web Summit in Lisbon, it will strictly adhere to the health protocols that are in force for that time in Portugal.” This decision will be reviewed weekly and subject to changes in health protocols until the opening day of the Web Summit on December 2.

“This week, we’re seeing thousands of people connecting on our new platform. We’ve been developing software that allows connection to events for over half a decade, so we’ve been able to switch (to this online format) in a very natural way and we still have six more months to continue developing over what we’ve already built by now. Our platform will allow the Portuguese community to meet with people from all over the world so that they can make connections as valuable and with as much meaning as those that take place in the real world. We are deeply committed to working with the Portuguese authorities to bring as much benefit as possible to the country’s economy —through community and startup initiatives, including more than 50,000 students and amplifying the Road2WebSummit program—to help amplify the technological ecosystem Portuguese that has been growing immensely from year to year,” paddy said.

The usual initiatives of the event (in collaboration with the government Portuguese) will take place in it: will be given 100 passes to startups chosen by Startup Portugal (organization that executes the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship), will be distributed 50,000 tickets to university students and recent graduates interested in working for Portuguese startups or who want to create their own. And in September, each Portuguese university will receive a proportion of tickets to distribute throughout its ecosystem.

“Web Summit is committed to creating 10,000 video meetings between Portuguese companies and international investors, as well as with journalists and potential clients and peers,” the statement read.

The Web Summit is traditionally held in parque das Nações, FIL (Lisbon International Fair) and Altice Arena. This year, the event was scheduled for November 2-5.

In 2018, a 10-year contract was signed with CML and the Government involving a public investment of EUR 11 million in total, which amounts to EUR 11 million per year. At the time, Fernando Medina, president of the CML, said: “We won.” In the same presentation it was revealed that FIL would have works by 2022 to double the capacity of the exhibitions also for the growth ambitions of the Web Summit.


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