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What to do at home with children and adolescents? The 34 suggestions for a …

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What to do at home with children and adolescents? The 34 suggestions for a ...

With the closure of schools and the need to protect their children and themselves more at home, parents face a problem: how to keep entertained children who see their routines altered and have to spend more isolated hours at home ?

Child and adolescent psychologist Bárbara Ramos Dias shared with the Observer 34 suggestions for parents to keep children busy and manage to manage children's needs and social distance. Here are the tips recommended by the expert:

  • Play UNO and other card games
  • Play checkers, chess and other board games
  • To dance
  • Play online
  • Cock game
  • Scrabbel
  • Pictionary
  • Play the elastic with the chairs in the living room
  • Monkey game with chalk (does not damage the floor)
  • Stop game with names, cities, fruits, countries …
  • Legos and puzzles
  • Play the sardine
  • Make sandbox and play
  • Read together, or get everyone to read and share the stories they read
  • Do small theaters and role plays with the family
  • Paint and make drawings
  • Helping kids to study online
  • Sharing stories and experiences
  • Put away those drawers that we've wanted to put away for years
  • Pack, put in albums and show the kids the photos, which have been there for years…
  • Tidy the storage room
  • Write down what you're feeling …
  • Playing with children a lot
  • Call friends and family, the ones they haven't called in a long time
  • Talk a lot, hear a lot of doubts, fears….
  • Watch movies and series close together on the couch
  • Cooking new recipes together
  • Teach how to cross stitch, crochet, knit
  • Build tents with sheets in the kids room
  • Paint the furniture in another color and recycle things at home
  • Creative sewing
  • Take care of the plants and mini gardens at home
  • Resolve pending issues
  • Let the kids play Playstation and go to social media 30 minutes to 1 hour a day

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